Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Boy!!

My husband and I couldn't decide if we should find out the sex of the baby or wait. I really wanted to wait as I wanted a surprise and I didn't feel that I would be surprised in the doctor's, we compromised and came up with a plan.We had the ultrasound picture put in an envelope and I gave it to a lady at work who was willing to make a cake for us; the inside of the cake would be pink if it was a girl and blue fir a boy. We had plans to take the cake to NY, have dinner with our parents the night of our arrival, and then share the cake for dessert; nobody knew we were going to find out.After the 30 hour drive (major snow storm) the cake arrived in good condition, it was shifted a little but we couldn't see the inside. The lady did a wonderful job on the cake, we'll definitely be going to her in the future.
During dinner we had a discussion about what everybody thought the sex would be, between the 6 of us we were divided equally. Once we were done we told them that we were going to find out and brought the cake in. This definitely surprised them as they thought we were waiting until the end...
Everybody stood around as we cut, especially our mothers who were just as excited as we were!! Even though I'd had a dream that it was a boy (I've found dreams like these to typically be accurate), I had my heart set on a girl. My husband also thought it was going to be a girl; our chances of a girl are not very high as there are very few girls in his family.
And the cutting revealed...a blue cake!!!! So, Tate Thomas it will be!!


  1. that is a neat idea ^.^

    i had alwase wanted a girl then when i got preg i had a dream it was a boy but i got my girl ^.^ dreams arnt alwase accurate ^.^ though i did have a dream like a week ago my girl turned into a boy hmm