Monday, January 25, 2010

Wooldins Review Update

Back in December I had an opportunity to review some cloth wipes from the Etsy shop Wooldins. If you recall, the wipes that the owner Carolyn sent to me were definitely seconds - but still usable.
Carolyn felt bad about the quality of wipes I had received and wanting to correct it so she sent me 6 wipes and a pair of nursing pads!! The quality of the wipes was much better than the first ones I received and the nursing pads have a dart, or a tapered tuck, to give them a better fit. The feel of the pads against the skin is so soft, I can't wait for this little guy to be born and actually wear these!!
My point with this post is: if you order something from Wooldins and the quality isn't 100% (not likely to happen) Carolyn will work with you to make it right. Keep in mind that I wasn't a paying customer; I don't think a paying customer would have any problems at all and if you did, she will correct it. This really says a lot about Carolyn and how she wants to portray her company.
Stop on over to her shop, she has a variety of items and I'm sure there is something you can use!!

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