Sunday, September 27, 2009

Using the Basal Method to Conceive

When trying to conceive, there are many methods you can use to find the days you ovulate. My husband and I, actually it was just me, chose to use the basal method as it seemed easy and I could start it right away. I was so excited that instead of ordering one I saw online, I looked at Wal-Mart and bought the one they sold. My husband didn't feel we needed to use this, he thought we would be fine just trying for a baby as this was our first month.
We ended up with the Mabis Healthcare Digital Basal Thermometer and I began using it the next morning. The thermometer came with charts so we could track my temperature for 12 months; after taking my temperature I recorded it on the chart and was ready to begin my day. Of course, the chart is meant to be started at the beginning of your menstrual cycle (1st day of your period) and you record everyday until you don't need it anymore but I wanted to get an idea of what my temperature was so I would know when it spiked.
The theory of the basal thermometer is that your basal temperature, your temperature at rest, rises slightly when you are ovulating. And as we all know, you need to have egg/sperm contact when you are ovulating if you want to conceive. When you chart your temperature daily you will begin to see a pattern and over a few months time you will know which day of your cycle you are ovulating. As my doctor told me - you need to actually have intercourse before you ovulate in order for the sperm to meet the egg. By taking your temperature each day, you will know when you are ovulating so you can time everything correctly. He also told me that we should start trying about 3-4 days before ovulation and have intercourse every other day for 7-10 days.
Every other day? Doesn't everybody assume that the more you try for the baby, the better your chances? Well, my doctor's theory is that the man's sperm won't have the levels (of hormones and such) that it needs to make a baby.
Taking your temperature is very easy. You need to make sure you take it before you get out of bed each morning, this will ensure your body is completely at rest. You should take it before going to the bathroom or getting a drink; it is best to keep it by your bed so it is ready for the morning.
My husband and I were very fortunate and didn't have to take my temperature for more than a month as we found out we are expecting a baby!!!!

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