Sunday, September 27, 2009

Enjoying a Trifecta

A trifecta is simply getting 3 First-to-Finds (FTFs) in geocaching in one day. Well, it really isn't too simple as there are a couple of factors involved:

* There must be at least 3 new caches in your area in one day and they must be in driving distance of each other to get them all in 24 hours.

* You must be the first to Ground Zero (GZ, otherwise known as the place the cache is hidden) and make the find before anybody else. Many times, if there are many people looking for it they will share an FTF and of course, this still counts!

If you plan on getting an FTF there are a few ways to give yourself the one up:

* Have all new caches sent as a text message to your cell phone.

* Have an Internet source available to you at all times (blackberry, iPhone, Verizon air card).

* Have a job where you can leave at anytime or no job at all.

So, today we had planned on meeting a group of friends to look for a cache that had been out for over a week and nobody had found, my husband and I had been out a few times and really didn't care to go back as we were looking for a micro in the middle of a bamboo forest. So, we met 13 other people there and searched for close to 1/2 an hour before somebody found the sneaky little cache!! Come to find out, my husband had been searching in the area seconds earlier and had made the cache visible for the next person who walked over!! Anyways, this was out 1st FTF of the day.

We headed out to cache with the group and split off after a few to grab some that we didn't have. While we were out 4 new caches came as text messages!!! One of these was ours so we couldn't go but the other part of the group could. We decided we would try for the others, you can't get an FTF if you don't try!! I happened to have the Internet on, thanks to our Verizon air card, and looked the new caches up immediately - two of these were close to our house and we were nowhere near there, go figure!! Anyways, I called the other part of the group to give them the coordinates as well, and we were on our way... We got there and my husband and the other cacher had the cache in hand before I even got out of the truck!! Being friends with the others we decided to wait for them to sign the log and then we could all share FTF; however, after a couple of minutes a different cacher pulled up so we had to sign the log... From there, my husband and the cacher we had been with headed to another new cache while I went home to get lunch ready and he called to say I could log it as an FTF!! WooHoo, we had another trifecta!!

I say another as this was actually the third time we got three new caches in one day. The first this happened for us was on August 25th; after an appointment we grabbed a land cache that nobody had gotten all day and then got two different water caches grabbing the last one just before the park closed!! On September 1st my husband was able to get 3 more but these were all during my work hours so I was not with him.

We are fortunate (when it come to FTF hunts) that my husband owns his own business and as long as there is not a ton of work piled up he can leave as he pleases.

He is currently on another FTF hunt (I stayed home as I was on the phone when the text came in); if he gets this would the day be considered a quadfecta?

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