Friday, February 12, 2010


With our baby due in a little over 7 weeks, I have to really consider how much I want to 'wear' our baby. With all of this I decided to check around online and share it with my readers.
So with what I found, babywearing simply means to wear your baby in a sling or carrier. Since most parents do this at some point or another, I typically consider babywearing to mean carrying your baby in a sling for long periods of time and throughout most of the day.

There are many benefits of babywearing, including:
  • Happy babies - carried babies cry less
  • Confident parents - parents that carry their babies begin to learn their expressions and cues quicker than those that do not carry their babies
  • Healthy babies - this is especially beneficial for premature or special needs babies
  • Comfort and convenience - you can get housework done without putting your baby down!
  • Good for mental development - babies are comfortable and in the 'quiet, alert state' which is most conducive for learning
  • Good for emotional development - babies develop sense of trust and security

When I looked up the cons of babyweearing, the only thing I could find was that some carriers are uncomfortable...not really a con if you ask me, just find one that you like.

I was surprised at the little bit of information I found; yes, there are more sites out there but I guess I was hoping for more information.

So, will we babywear? I do have a sling and have registered for a carrier as I think my husband will be more comfortable with a tradional carrier. I am fortunate and will not return to work until our little guy is 4 months old (I teach and will have the summer off) so I will have the opportunity to have him on me as much as possible. However, I strongly feel that if a baby is held a lot, it will expect to be carried and in somebody's arms most of the time; this is not something I want in our household. Yes, I love my baby and want to cuddle with him, but I know I can't do it at all times! I want our baby to be able to play independently and believe this starts at an early age. Does this mean that I will put him down and leave him for long periods of time? No way!! What it means is we will get him used to playing with his toys, falling asleep on his own, etc.

What I don't like and see a lot of is taking their child in their carseat everywhere they go. Thise are the times that I will wear Tate - church, grocery store, restaurants, etc.

Do you babywear? Please share your thoughts with me.

Information for this blog somes fromt eh following sites:

Baby Wearing International


  1. i have a moby wrap that i adore putting my baby in but at the grocery store it is so much easer to have her in her car seat especially if she is asleep from the car ride but for church and i just went to a baby shower {places you might not want to play pass the baby to much at} slings are so handy just have to say baby is comfy i rather not pass her ^.^

  2. I do agree and with the recent concerns about slings I plan to limit it to the outings when I don't want people to expect to hold him.