Saturday, February 13, 2010

Geocaching 101

As much as my husband and I enjoy geocaching I told myself I would blog about it when I initially started this, that was 4 months ago and this is my second log. A goal of mine is to write more about this amazing sport to inform others so that they might also join in.

Geocaching is an outdoor activity in which the cacher uses a GPS system to locate hidden items. Geocaching requires internet access so you can determine the coordinates and a GPS system so you can go on the hunt. People of all ages enjoy geocaching, I look forward to our entire family getting out for hikes.

To begin, go to the geocaching website and click on 'getting started' to sign up for a FREE membership.Now, you can get a premium membership for $30 which will give you a few extra benefits and access to some 'members only' caches, but to begin with I would suggest the FREE membership to see if you really like it.

Type in your home zip code and a list of local geocaches will pop up. Choose one that is close and read more about it. Then you just need to put the coordinates into your GPS system and head on out.

Once you find the geocache, you will need to sign your geocaching handle along with the date. Once you are back on the computer, go back to the cache page and on the top right hand side, choose to log your visit. Click and choose that you found it (hopefully) and write a note about your find.

Now you are ready to find your next cache!! Over the next few weeks I will post more information about geocaching hoping to interest many more people in the sport.

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