Friday, April 2, 2010

Baby Update

We are due on Wednesday but the doctor refuses to let me go over the due date as I have protein-s deficiency and he wants the environment to be as controlled as possible. I really want to have this baby as naturally as possible so I would prefer to not be induced but I also understand his point. So, we go in Monday morning at 7:30 to get things started....
In the meantime, here are some pictures that a friend took when we were 38 weeks pregnant. We went to Lake Murray and she had some fabulous ideas and got some great shots.
I can honestly say that I wasn't too keen on bare belly pictures as I am a bit overweight, but Jordin worked with me and then I finally suggested that I try a belly pic!! If you live in the Lexington/Columbia, SC are and want to have belly picures (or any other for that matter) made let me know, I will hook you up!!


  1. So cute Michele! I'm glad I got to see some pictures before he is born... since I can't go on fb till sunday (cause i gave it up for lent) I keep asking my dad if you had the baby yet. Again congratulations and best of luck for years to come!