Friday, April 16, 2010

Our first night in Cloth Diapers

We first put our Little Guy in cloth diapers on Tuesday, he was one week old at the time. I would have started earlier but I was so nervous to wash them - I was afraid of doing something wrong. I hadn't used them at night as I hadn't washed enough and was nervous about leaks.
He wore them all day yesterday and I continued with them at bedtime. You also need to know that I had offered to take baby duty all night as my husband had an early interview and he needed sleep.
So, the 12:30 feeding came around and he had wet through and the sheet was soaked. (I like to keep two sheets on so I can pull one off and not have to make any changes but he had wet earlier in the week.) So, I put him on the changing table and proceeded to change him into a new outfit. I placed a washcloth over his penis so he didn't spray all over as that is rather common these days. He may not have sprayed but he did wet and it got him and the changing pad sheet soaked!! At this point I started to think about the humor in it all and the great post it would make.
Since there were no clean mattress pads I didn't want to put him in there and took him into the cradle in our room instead. He slept well in there and I am happy to say that he did not wet through for the rest of the night.
He has not been in a disposable diaper since yesterday morning will continue to be in cloth diapers for daytime, nighttime, and on the road- we are loving this!!

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  1. I'm thinking the diaper wasn't on tight enough or it isn't as absorbant as it could be yet? What sort of cover did you have on him?