Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cloth Diapers this cheap?!?

When my husband and I talked about cloth diapering we were looking at saving money and space in our landfill. However, we also knew that the start-up cost of cloth diapering would be rather expensive and we almost chose disposables as money is rather tight right now. We put it off for what seemed like forever before sitting down with two computers and looking at different brands. My husband found Nubunz on Ebay and when I went to research the company and read reviews I found that they were cheaper on their website. Yes, the one size pocket diapers are only $9.50 each and come with two inserts!
As I read more on their website I saw that there were 'factory seconds' for only $5.50 or you can order them without the inserts for only $3!! I was a bit nervous about the idea of factory seconds as I didn't want to waste our money but we decided to order 20 anyways. Yes, we got 20 cloth diapers that will fit our child until he is potty trained for only $126 and that included shipping and handling.
Apparently, the company that they order their PUL from sent some not so waterproof PUL and some of it leaks and some doesn't, essentially you are taking a gamble when you order these but they say there is a 20-30% chance that you will have a problem with the PUL. They will still cover problems with the diapers just not the PUL itself. Also, if you get the diaper and decide that you don't want it they will allow you to return them. Knowing this, I washed one of each color and tried them on our Little Guy before washing the rest. Since we had no problems I have washed the others and now have a great stash of diapers.
Even with the one size, they are fitting our Little Guy who is a little under 7lb. right now. He had a very loose BM last night and it held everything inside, absolutely love these diapers!! Also, with this being my first time using cloth, I must admit that I am very impressed with how well they wick the moisture away from his little bottom. We will definitely continue to cloth diaper!!

I suggest that you head on over to the Nubunz website and check out their factory seconds.
Go quickly as they are moving very fast, they are already out of the velcro square tabs.

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