Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holey Donuts Review

I recently had the opportunity to review some products from Holey Donuts, a company that makes donuts without deep frying them creating a lighter donut with a lot less fat.
The donuts happened to be shipped right about the time that a big snow storm came through the South so they took 6 days to get here compared to the 2-3 that they prefer. Please note - this was at no fault to Holey Donuts, we can blame Mother Nature here! When I contaced them concerning the delay they said the donuts would be fine as long as they were not melted. While the dry ice was gone, the donuts were still in great condition and we got them right back into the freezer.
From the Holey Donuts page -
Did you know the average donut has 15-20 grams of fat and as much as 480 calories?
Our patented cooking process avoids deep frying, creating a light, fluffy donut with as little as 3-4 grams of fat and 150-250 calories. You'd actually have to eat 4 of our full-sized, delicious donuts to get the amount of fat in just one traditional donut. What's more amazing is that we do not use any artificial sweeteners or fat substitutes to make our great tasting donuts. Unlike other "lite" or low fat foods, nothing about these donuts tastes low fat.
Our donuts are hand-made, flash frozen and delivered via express mail to arrive at your door, picture perfect and delicious! Keep in your freezer for a great low fat and low calorie treat anytime!
Low Fat Classic Vanilla Frosted
The vanilla frosting (and donut) were quite delicious! We happened to get these just before Valentine's Day so the pink sprinkles really added to the spirit of the holiday!!

Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns
These earth shattering full size Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns contain no raisins or nuts. What is nuts, is the nutritional comparison! While both are about the same size, the Reduced Fat Cinnamon Bun from Holey Donuts! is super moist and delicious, yet has only 5 grams of fat compared to the Cinnamon Buns at Cinnabon with 54 grams of Fat!
We had a geocaching weekend planned so we took these out of the freezer the day before so they were perfectly defrosted when we were on the road and needed breakfast. Oh my goodness, these were absolutely delicious!! Even the guys, who were not sure how a low fat cinnamon bun would taste, were licking their fingers clean and saying they would definitely consider buying these again. I didn't feel that any flavor was lost by taking out the raisins and nuts, in fact - the apple flavor really added to it!

Sampler Favorites A
Included in this box are:

Reduced Fat Fudge Boston Cream (1): Low fat Boston cream filling with a delicious vanilla crumb topping.
Reduced Fat Raspberry Vanilla Truffle (1): Nothing beats this light combination of vanilla and light red raspberry.
Reduced Fat Caramel Apple (1): Rich caramel drizzled over a light crumb with real chunks of apple in the filling.
Reduced Fat Blueberry Crumbcake (1): Low fat blueberry filled donut with a cinnamon crumb coffee cake topping.
Reduced Fat Lemon Graham Cracker (1): Zesty lemon filling with a low fat graham cracker topping.
Low Fat Vanilla Crumb (1): Vanilla frosting and a light, fresh crumb topping (actually made from low fat muffins!)

While my husband wasn't too big on these donuts, I personally really enjoyed them. My favorite was the fudge boston cream, who doesn't like a good filled donut!!

Would I ever order them again?
Honestly, I do feel that they are a bit expensive and then the shipping makes it much higher as they need to keep them frozen. However, they often offer sales (one going on currently and they are more than 1/2 off) which dramatically lowers the cost. That would make it easier to place an order as they are a healthier alternative.

What would I do differently?
We immediately put ours in the freezer and took them out 1 or 2 at a time and microwaved them (one suggested way to defrost) but it seemed that the outside got soft while the inside cream was still a bit chilled. If I had microwaved them longer then the outside would have been too hot and possible the top melted. Another time I set them on the counter wrapped in a paper towel (they do not suggest this way) and they seemed to be too dry and I am not patient enough to wait an hour to eat my donut. They best that we ever had them was leaving the entire box out to thaw overnight (recommended).
Also, if I ordered these again I would probably repackage them before freezing. They come in a cardboard box with one piece of tape on them and since we didn't eat them quickly enough they became dry and picked up other flavors fromt he freezer.
I would definitely be willing to give these tasty, low fat donuts another try now that I know a little more about how to defrost and store.

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